Air Conditioning Service

Beat the Heat with FTD Auto: Expert A/C Service for Every Ride

Don’t let summer turn your car into a hotbox. FTD Auto keeps you cool and comfortable with expert automotive A/C service and repair for both R-134a and R-1234yf systems. Our certified technicians are your allies against the heat, equipped to diagnose and fix any air conditioning issue quickly and effectively.

Why Choose FTD Auto for Your A/C Needs?

  • Stay Chill, Regardless of the System: We handle both older R-134a and newer R-1234yf refrigerants, ensuring your car stays cool no matter the technology.
  • Mastering the Chill: Our technicians are highly trained in A/C recharge, evacuation, and climate control troubleshooting, keeping you comfortable for every mile.
  • Precision Diagnosis, Precise Repairs: We don’t guess. We perform thorough inspections to pinpoint the exact cause of your A/C woes and fix them with skill and expertise.
  • Manufacturer-Recommended Coolant: We use only the appropriate refrigerant for your vehicle, ensuring optimal performance and safety for both systems.
  • Early Detection, Big Savings: Catching A/C issues early saves you money and frustration, keeping you cool and worry-free all season long.

Turn Up the Comfort, Not the Thermostat:

Don’t settle for stuffy drives and cranked windows. Bring your car to FTD Auto and experience the difference:

  • Fast and Efficient Service: We value your time and get you back on the road cool and confident, no matter the refrigerant type.
  • Transparent Communication: We explain everything clearly, answering all your questions about both R-134a and R-1234yf systems.
  • Competitive Prices: We offer top-notch service without breaking the bank, regardless of your car’s cooling technology.
  • Convenient Scheduling: Book your appointment online or over the phone, hassle-free.

Don’t Let Heat Hold You Back:

Contact FTD Auto today and experience the refreshing power of expert A/C service for any refrigerant. Call us at (630) 855-6234 or visit our website at [Website Address] to schedule your appointment.