Suspension Services

Don't Let Your Ride Be Rough: Keep Your Steering & Suspension in Top Shape

Your steering and suspension are the unsung heroes of the road, silently keeping you in control and comfortable. They carry the weight of your car, smooth out bumps, and ensure your tires stay firmly planted. But like any hero, they need a checkup sometimes!

Why is regular inspection crucial?

  • Safety first: Worn steering and suspension components can lead to unpredictable handling, increased stopping distances, and even tire blowouts – putting you and others at risk.
  • Save money: Ignoring problems can lead to costly repairs down the line. Early detection and prevention mean smaller fixes and longer component life.
  • Enjoy the ride: A well-maintained steering and suspension system delivers a smooth, controlled drive, reducing fatigue and making every journey a pleasure.


Know when it’s time for a hero checkup:

  • Tire troubles: Uneven wear, excessive shakiness, or pulling to one side can point to suspension issues.
  • Bumped around: Struggling over bumps or feeling every dip? Your shocks might be saying goodbye.
  • Steering struggles: Difficulty turning, a loose feeling in the wheel, or strange noises could indicate steering system problems.


Don’t wait for trouble to strike! Our expert technicians can:

  • Diagnose the problem quickly and accurately
  • Fix any issues with precision and efficiency
  • Provide a comprehensive inspection of all steering and suspension components, including:
    • Uneven tire wear
    • Alignment issues
    • Power steering fluid level
    • Steering wheel alignment
    • Tire balance
    • Shocks and struts
    • Bolt and nut tightness
    • Power steering belt condition
  • Distinguish between tire-related problems and true suspension issues


Experience the difference of a smooth, safe, and controlled ride. Call us today or schedule your steering and suspension service online!